Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five For Friday- Heavy on the Language with an Appleicious Freebie!

Well Helloooo Saturday!  You are like a breath of fresh air after an incredibly long short week.  I decided to link up with Five for Friday for the first time in what seems like ages!

Language, Language, Language is the name of the game right now for me.  The way our grade level is doing Guided Reading rotations has me teaching zero guided reading kids :( but all 100 second graders their Language (I just can’t find it in me to call it Grammar… I feel like I should be rapping their knuckles with a ruler if I use that word) standards.  So I find myself repeating the same Language lessons three times in a row every morning.  I am telling you- collective nouns are going to KILL me soon!  We have been doing some pretty fun stuff to review those First Grade things that were a little sketchy as to our mastery…
1. Types of Sentences.  I made these anchor charts with the help of some Scrappin Doodles clipart and we wrote and wrote and wrote different types of sentences.

2. Verbs.  The TeacherWife has this amazing verbs pack and in it is a small version of this anchor chart that I just totally stole (don’t worry- I asked her if I could share). Isn’t it pretty before we completely covered it in post-its?

Each group got half of a post-it and got to choose a verb to write on it. They had to act it out on their way to add it to the chart. If they couldn’t act it out, then we knew it probably wasn’t a verb.  Although one little guy chose “fart” as his verb and I asked him to refrain from acting that one out, although it was indeed a verb…

3. Space Explorers. I pretty much love my bulletin board that is above my lockers in the hall.  For my little astronauts, I took some Melonheadz clipart and enlarged it a bunch, then sent it to Office Depot to print. I’m thinking about putting up some pumpkins next week so I wanted to get it on here before I take it down.

4. Appleicious Measurement.   This year we’re measuring to centimeters and my kids are OBSESSED with it.  I saw a version of this with a pumpkin and decided to change it a little for our apple week.  It was very fun. Here it is for you- for free!

5. Today our school district and community have their fall festival and I hauled my cuties out to walk in the parade.  They were perfect- even though Addison insisted on actually MARCHING because apparently, that’s what you do in a parade.  We fell slightly behind because of our marching pace and the float behind us was not such a fan. 

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