Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Character Adjectives FREEBIE

As I've been assessing my kids with all of the new assessments I JUST finished (more about those later), I'm finding that they straight up STINK at giving adjectives that describe characters that are actually supported by the text. What the heck? I totally thought they had that. Double dang.  So, since we're deep in the heart of all things Seuss this week, we're gonna choose our favorite character, list some adjectives that describe them, and then write how we got that idea.  I thought maybe someone else could use it, too, so here it is. Just click on it to download it. If you do find it useful, tell me how it worked so I can use it that way, too!


  1. Hey! I just sent you an email about a KC blogger meet up! Let me know if you'd be interested!

    Mrs. Prince & Co.

  2. Hello! Fellow KS blogger! Just found you through that STATE linky! Just checked out your TPT store..yo have some WONDERFUL products! Congrats!

    :) Carmen

    1. You are too nice! Thanks for stopping by my blog!