Friday, March 29, 2013

One Grumpy Bunny

Oh Friday. I've been looking forward to you all week! I'm posting this stuck in traffic (don't worry- voice to text!) and Andrew has to work ALL weekend so I'm already a little grumpy this morning but I thought I'd swing by and let you know that I'm putting my stuff on sale this weekend too. And I know you're supposed to just pick five items, but since I only have about five items I just decided to put everything on sale. And I know I've been the most negligent blogger ever lately, but I have a post in the works about all the stuff we've been doing with Olivia this week. Check back later for some fun with that silly piglet.

Click below to go to my store because I can't figure out how to link the picture from my phone. Oh geez. I need coffee...

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