Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh Olivia... You Really Wear Me Out but I Love You Anyway!

Oh holy night.  What a week already!  I ALWAYS stay late on Fridays to plan/make copies/ prep centers. Well, last week was Spring Break and I decided to just mail it in.  I am paying for that b-i-g time. I just can’t function this way. I’ve been living out of a big pile of papers and it is driving me nutso. Lesson learned.

Anyway, amidst the disaster that is my desk, this week in Treasures we focused on Olivia by Ian Falconer.  Don’t you just adore that little pig? She cracks me up, and my class this year has pretty good listening comprehension so at some points they were hystercally giggling at her antics.

As far as their comprehension goes, I’ve noticed that they often struggle to identify problem and solution so we took an Olivia book a day, read it, discussed, and listed all the problems and solutions we could think of.  Here’s what that looked like. Not the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done, but it worked. 

Then we made an Olivia craft that sorta turned out looking like a bunny…  and added a Problem and Solution foldable. 

We listed adjectives that describled Olivia (this knocked my socks off- persistent, creative, and onry were my favorites.) I think the bubble map I made for this was attrocious so I’m not sharing. :)   It’s embarassing but I put it together in two minutes. My teammate played a fun little game where each group thought of adjectives together and the group with the most won a sticker. Isn’t it amazing how har they’ll work for a sticker? Gotta love first graders.

Have you read the newest book in the series? 

Ha!  I’m raising your typical pink fairy princess girl so this book cracks me up.  “There are alternatives.”  If you haven’t read it- run to go find it. It’s amazing. 

 We compared it to David Shannon’s Alice the Fairy to meet those CCSS about comparing characters and they really liked it!  Even the boys participated. :)  Here is a link to the GO if you’d like it. 

Did you make it to the end of this? Impressive!  Here is my Olivia positive behavior note as a reward. Thanks for coming by.


  1. Super cute Olivia activities! We LOVE her!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. Isn't she funny? I just can't get enough. Now if only she had a book where she was in the ocean I could tie it into this week, too... Thanks for coming by!

  3. Great ideas for Olivia! We use Treasures too!

    I found you through the Kansas blogger linky. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles