Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Currently- April

This is my first EVER currently!  It was super easy!

I linked up at Oh Boy 4th Grade. Go over and check her out!


  1. Hi! I popped over for your currently, then I started reading your blog because I realized you are as new to this as me. Then I realized you have little kids just like me and now we are instantly bonded.I think being with kids, parenting your own kids, then doing the thing should award some shiny little badge...even if its made out of aluminum foil. There just isn't enough time for everything...or anything!! Your assessments look awesome..just wishlisted them! Ok..longest comment ever!
    A Burst of First

  2. Hey it's my first Currently too! I'll definitely start following your blog too as I love discovering other new(ish) bloggers- I only started blogging yesterday! Eeeeekkk!!! I'm already addicted!

    I see you've already got some amazing stuff on TpT! Time to go check it out some more!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  3. Welcome to currently! I hear you about the futileness (is that a word?) of arguing with a small child about sleep lol. And as for being a working mum, there is lots of sympathy for you too.

  4. I could've written this currently myself {well, except for the part about the two year old... how did that go, by the way?}! :) My 2nd graders just started a unit about the ocean, so I'm excited to come back and read what you're doing with them! I need more patience and about double the hours in a day, too.

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

  5. I'm visiting from the currently! Congrats on taking the blogging plunge and linking up! I have 2 yr old twins so bedtime is a challenge I understand! In love your advice. This time of the year, this is so true! I'm your newest follower.