Friday, February 15, 2013

Five For Friday

Alright, so I'm linking up again. These are like the world's easiest posts to write! Five random things? I can handle that.

1.  President's Day!!!  How I love this holiday. Not ONLY do we get the day off, but my students get so interested in reading informational text about our buddies George and Abe.  And does anybody else get a kick out of the way that "Barack Obama" sounds coming out of a first graders mouth?  I just love it. Anyway, here are some hats we made on Wednesday.  They were SUPER easy. 

2. Last week I wrote about Whitney. Well this week I have been all about The Walking Dead. Holy. Smokes. It is TERRIFYING but I just cannot turn it off! Daryl is totally my favorite character. Is that weird?

3. Our district adopted BIST this year, and most days I LOVE it. I think it really works. Then there are days where a fourth grader using my room as a Buddy Room knocks over an entire shelf and leaves me with this.  Awesome.

4.  We had conferences until 8:00 both Wednesday and Thursday so in return, we got today off!  Hooray. I spent the day looking at preschools for my baby.  Not hooray. :(  She is so excited to start and all it does is make me sad. 

5. Because of the aforementioned day off, I was home when THIS arrived and I almost squealed. Have you ever seen one of these? They are so. freaking. awesome.  It is an ArtWaxer!!  You put a big ol' chunk of wax inside and it heats up and rolls a layer of wax onto whatever you want to make sticky. This is by far the best way I have found to hang things from cinderblock walls.  Well my school had one and some dummy left it on over the weekend and it died.  Gruble grumble...  We've been looking and looking for a replacement but they don't seem to make them anymore. I found this guy on Ebay for WAY more than I should have paid for an old used one, but I decided I just can't live without one anymore.  And yes, that is my baby sitting patiently in the car seat waiting for me to unwrap the box and pay attention to him, Just call me SuperMom. :)

Have a great long weekend if you have one!! Go watch Walking Dead!!!  You'll thank me later.



  1. I love Walking Dead. I miss Shane! I think my new favorite character is "Glaggie" - Maggie/Glen.

    #3 would NOT fly for me. NOT ONE MINUTE. First, I would have taken a pic and sent it to the parent. Next, the child and parent would be in my classroom cleaning that up! Honestly, I would have put butcher paper over it and told my kids to walk around.

    I'm your newest follower - found you through the 5 Linky.

    1. Spoiler Alert!!!! Still catching up- at least I'm not too attached to Shane. He's kindof a jerk! Thanks for coming over to my blog and for the indignation about that dang kid. He cleaned it up- don't you worry. I was NOT very fun right then.

  2. Your blog is too cute!! I love it! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fourth graders are very awkward in their bodies and don't understand the concept of space, I have 22 of them! Hope the fourth grader at least offered to help clean up their mess. Cute blog :)

    I am your newest follower, please stop by and check out my blog :)


  4. Those hats are too cute!! Enjoy your art waxer...we have one at school, but I couldn't ever get into it. It seemed like everything I waxed fell right off the wall. I must not have the magic touch. :) LOL!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven