Monday, May 6, 2013

My Final Assessment Pack... Hooray??

I'm finished with the last of my assessment packets and I don't know whether to laugh or cry!  Part of me wants to laugh because it's WAY past when I should be in bed but I just couldn't not get them finished in time for the sale, and part of my wants to cry because I'm leaving First Grade and will probably not get to use these assessments that I poured my life into for an entire year.  I'm having very mixed emotions.

Anywhoo- here they are if you want to take a look.  Eventually I want to bundle them all but just haven't gotten around to it yet so I'll leave links to the others, too, just in case you want to check them out.  Happy shopping!



  1. Hi Jeremie,
    Nice to "meet" you. I am loving your assessment packs! They are adorable. Just added one to my cart as I am under the wire on the big SALE! Can I ask you a question- where is that adorable clip art on your cover? I have been looking all over for who makes it?? Thanks loads!
    A Burst of First

    1. Thanks for coming by and I'm super stoked that you actually like the assessment packs. I know what you mean about the sale- I'm a nervous wreck trying to find everything I need!

      Those clipart images are Jessica Weible. I love her stuff. Here is the link to the bundle.

  2. Jeremie- I just printed out part 4 this morning. Love it!! You worked so so hard. Well done..I'm your newest follower
    ps...I love your introduction post about sunshine and butterflies. Cracked me up!!
    pps...thank for the clipart tip.