Monday, May 27, 2013

The Best Birthday Gift Ever! 2 Fonts for You!

My birthday was Saturday and I pretty much spent the whole day pouting because I was sick.  Poor me.  :)  In between my bouts of whining, Andrew found the time to give me my gift and I almost died.  He got me an iPad.  Ok, whoopdee doo you're probably saying.  Everyone has an iPad, blah blah.  Well not me. Until NOW!!  He actually took one of my eight gajillion hints and bit the bullet and it is so.  freaking.  amazing. The first thing I did was download iFontMaker and get to work.  It's kinda (don't tell him this) the only reason I even wanted the silly thing.  Here are the first two fonts I made. Could you see yourself using them?  


  1. What a fun birthday gift! Yay for hubby picking up on all of hints :)

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  2. These fonts are too cute! Thanks for the free download. I am your newest follower thanks to your amazing items on TpT. All four ELA packs are currently in my wish list...until my June check:) They look absolutely amazing! What a TON of work you must have done. I am also a KS teacher-blogger.